Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


The Privacy Policy is the set of criteria on the basis of which company informs its users that what the ways through which it gathers data are.

It ensures protection; and using of personal data of the users through website. When you are collecting data about your respective users, you have to make sure that legal requirements have been met and carefully followed. Many small business i.e. small business products often find it difficult to choose offside on privacy mechanism.

Small business products believes to protect the interests of its users and do not share secret information with the third party without disclosing.

We believe in balancing great company’s commercial needs with the right of privacy on part of the users. Small business products ensure that it discloses the nature of information gathered from the users, the reason of collection data, and whether it would share information with third-parties. This way, our users would be able to make informed decisions as to whether data is going at the right hands or it is not suitable to share personal data with the site.

Terms of use

Terms of Use are the structure of rules and regulation that help govern the website. In an attempt to ensure distinctiveness, every website would need custom-written terms of use. It is the legal agreement between your website i.e. small business products, and Defiant. The access of the user to the website channels through his acceptance of terms of use. If you do not comply with our terms and conditions, you won’t have access to the site.

Factors need to be taken into account when writing terms of use and privacy policy

  1. Users: the way our website gets into contact with the users. For an instance, small business products offer online services for the business startup with effective tools
  2. Third party Apps: is there any integrations of third app into your website, for example Google Apps, Twitter and others. And is the information of the users shared with third party?
  3. Collection of information: small business products has to make sure that what sort of data it want to seek. For example, medical related or business specific