Contentatscale AI Content Detector Review


There are different tools that detect AI written content in your documents. In this blog, our whole attention is towards ContentAtScale AI.

We will try to tell you all the aspects related to this tool that we have experienced while using it.

Content at scale AI Content Detector Review

Contentatscale AI Content Detector Review
Image Credit: Content At Scale

Why do we need to use these tools?

While growing, we have experienced the power of imagination and how it affects people. Writing is not only about giving a written material but it is about expression and how something is explained to you.

It is not the topic that attracts the audience, however, it is the style and way of presenting things that readers love. Therefore, when we want our articles to be written, we need someone who can attract and appeal to the targeted audience.

But this is not possible with AI yet. AI does give information but it does not engage the readers. The articles written by AI are somehow dry. Therefore, we need AI Content Detectors so that we can have AI free content to impress the readers.

Introduction to Content At Scale

The main goal of Content At Scale is to detect present AI-generated content if any. The main purpose of this tool is to make sure that your content does not look robotic and AI-written.


The Content At Scale can generate blogs or any other AI-powered content according to your need. However, our topic of main concern today is its AI detecting feature.

This feature of content at scale is truly easy. You just need to paste your text and check for AI content. It gives you the result in the form of a percentage from 0 to 100. It is marked with various colors which part is human written and which is AI-generated. These colors are:

  • Green Color: Green Color tells that this (green marked) content is written purely by a human.
  • Red Color: Red color means that it is written by AI.
  • Yellow and Orange: Yellow and Orange color show ambiguity. In such cases, it means these sentences sound robotic and we have to replace them with some humanely written sentences to make our content better.

Accuracy in Content At Scale AI

The knowledge about the accuracy of a tool is very important when we are using any such tool. Content at scale is known to have one of the best accuracy rates in all of the AI Content Detectors.

Content At Scale themselves claim the accuracy of their tool to be 98%. Which, when you use, feels to be accurate.


Content at scale is not free to use. It will cost you 49 dollars per month. It gives you an unlimited AI Detector Plan.


There are different AI detecting tools for you to have these days. Some of the alternatives to Content at Scale are:

  • Crossplag
  • CopyLeaks
  • GPTZero
  • Writer
  • Small SEO Tools AI Checker

This was a detailed review on Content At Scale. We hope you liked our review. Please consider sharing your view and experience with us in the comment box below.

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