What is Copy.ai And How To Use it? 10 Pro Tips


As a content writer, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to come up with new ideas everyday. However, that’s what a content creator is meant to do. They have to write blogs that are new and enchanting to its readers.

In this article, we will be discussing what is Copy.ai, its pricing, how to use it and alternatives of copy.ai.

What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is among the finest AI-writing tools. It makes your work easy by suggesting new ideas. You can also give instructions and points to copy.ai to create a blog for you.

The commendable feature is, copy.ai provides you flexibility to edit your document according to your choices.

Copy.Ai Pricing

The pricing for copy.ai vary from being free to even $3,000 per month. The free ones have least features with only 2,000 words in chat. However, 3000 dollars pricing for a month is worth it as it gives you immense features.

9 Pro Tips For Using Copy.ai

What is Copy.ai And How To Use it

There are a huge variety of softwares and AI tools in the market these days. But which one do you think a content creator should opt for?

It highly depends on the one using it. The more you make yourself familiar with an app, the more it becomes beneficial for you. Here are some pro tips for you to consider before using copy.ai;

1. Showing multiple dimensions

Whenever we write a blog from only one perspective, it sounds boring. However, anything with multi factorial views is always appreciated by the readers. So, you can use Copy.ai to help you in giving different points of views on a single topic.

2. Cross check

The articles sometimes contain dates, sometimes particular names or any other information. These facts can be easily cross checked from copy.ai and thus saving tons of time.

3. Be more specific

It seems as if using copy.ai is a cup of tea for everyone. However, it is not. It is easy to ask anything from copy.ai but if you want to get a more detailed and perfect answer, that is to the point, you need to be very specific while asking.

4. Promotional Strategy

You need to be very clear about your target audience while getting help from copy.ai. This helps you in making a better promotional strategy and making your audience satisfied.

5. Be familiar with the keywords

There are a lot of blogs on a single topic on the Internet these days. If you want your articles to be on the top, you need to focus more on the keywords.

6. Avoid incomprehensible language

While using copy.ai, you must make sure that the language used in your articles is easy and comprehensible.

7. Don’t over use

Copy.ai is undoubtedly an amazing tool to help you write. But still, you need to make a balance between orginal and Ai-generated content.

8. Don’t use emojis

The suggestion of this tip may sound awkward. But it is better to not use emojis while using copy.ai.

9. Stay attached to guidelines

The foremost tip that we want to give you all is that, try to stick to the guidelines. Be very sure that whatever happens, you do not violate the guidelines.

Best Alternatives of Copy.ai

Let us suggest you some of the best alternatives of copy.ai;

  • Anyword
  • Frase.io
  • Rytr
  • Jasper
  • Pepper Content

We hope our blog helped you in anyway. Please leave a useful review in the comment section below.

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