33 Eco friendly products You Should Buy Now


Pollution is a world-wide problem. We use different products and some of them are very harmful for our environment. For example: plastic is a big source of pollution in our environment because it releases lots of poisonous chemicals. These chemicals are not only harmful for animals but also for humans. In order to reduce the negative affect, international organizations, governments and NGOs are emphasizing that people should use eco-friendly products.

Here is the list of eco-friendly products just to show you that how can you remove some plastic products with some green products and increase positive impact on our environment. Some eco-friendly products are mentioned below:

33 Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly Products

1# Wool footwear

If you wear wool footwear, you will be comfortable as well as you will be away from cheap material of some companies.

2# Coffee cups

By using reusable coffee cups, you can reduce the pollution and make environment beautiful as you want.

3# Travel bottles

If you are planning for travel, then don’t need to travel with full body wash bottles. The bottles will not comfortable and manageable for you. You should use GoToob travel bottles. you can put some liquid according to your need in the GoToob travel bottle. These bottles are totally related to the pollution control and made of reusable products.

4# The scrubba

These days, washing clothes is not big deal. You can put some water and soap in the scrubba seal and clean away.

The best part about The Scrubba is that it just consume 3-6 liters for each wash that is totally related to a good and clean environment.

5# Reusable of Grocery bags

Every year, we use several grocery bags for putting our grocery in it, and after that we throw it and that cause much extra waste.

We can reuse our grocery bags by adopting this habit. We can control a lot of extra waste in our society.

6# Batteries

These days, all of us use batteries for recharging and all of us also know that these batteries are made from several chemicals. Some chemicals are really harmful and dangerous for our health and environment. After using, we throw those batteries which is dangerous and harmful. We should recycle those batteries rather than throwing that.

7# Water bottles

Many of us use water bottles for drinks and juices. After using those plastic bottles, we throw them. We should recycle or reuse those bottles. This kind of habit can save many lives from dangerous diseases.

8 Straws

According to one survey, Americans use 500 million straws and after using as usual, they throw them. It causes a serious pollution and a great misuse of straws. We can also use and recycle them for future usable purpose.

Here are more eco-friendly products you can use to decrease pollution.

9# Recycled Fabric Clothes
10# Wool Footwear
11# Reusable Coffee Cups
12# Stainless Steel Drink Bottles
13# Drink Bottle Lids
14# Drink Bottle Jackets
15# Drink Bottle Lanyard
16# Recycled Toilet Tissues
17# Recycled Sari Table Linen
18# Reusable Sandwich Wraps
19# Recycled Plastic Rugs
20# Fair Trade Organic Towels
21# Ballpoint Pens Made from Recycled Water Bottles
22# Organic Pillowcases
23# Recycled Paper
24# Eco Friendly Decking
25# Recycled Floor Mats
26# 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil
27# Recycled Handle Toothbrush
28# Eco Laptop
29# Eco Touch Screen Computer
30# Eco Computer Accessories like mice, keyword and cases
31# Toys made from Recycled Milk Jugs
32# Led Bulbs
33# Wooden Watches

These are our small deeds and habits. By adopting these products, we can make our environment clean and green and save our lives by many disease.

PS: More eco-friendly products will be added soon.

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