Looking for best domain authority checker? Look no more. Here, we are going to list best tools to check your domain authority.

It would not be anything new if I told you that the world of internet is cluttered. There is information that you do not want, did not ask for and did not want, but you are still bombarded with it. This is often frustrating and puts off your work time. One of the many ways that a service provider may clear this clutter to reach out to the customer is to have better domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

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Domain Authority works with organic searches. When a search is made with a search engine, the search engine ranks every website that displays the results. However, you might observe that not every website is displayed on the first page. This assortment is not random. The search engine ranks websites according to a score developed by Mozbar called the Domain Authority. This score is on a scale of 1 to 100 and higher the score the better the ranking.

Why is Domain Authority Important?

Domain Authority Checker is important especially for service providers and website developers to understand how effective a website will be to them based on its DA score. This is why a Domain Authority Checker is given so much importance when developing a website for the firm.

5 Best Tools to Check Domain Authority

To check DA and PA, several Domain Authority Checker tools exist. Here are 5 of the Best tools:

1. Domain Authority Bulk Checker

This ad free Domain Authority Checker allows you to check DA for up to 50 domains and allows you to download your results. It might also provide you options for buying SEO services. In addition, it also allows you to check MozRank, IP address and PA in addition to your DA.

2. Moz Link Explorer

Just like the DA scores itself, the Moz Link has developed a domain authority checker as well. The explorer may require you to sign up for a free account if you want unlimited reports. However, if you do not want to sign up you can get up to 3 reports per day.

3. Small SEO Tool Domain Authority Checker

While the Moz Link may provide only one domain at a time, the Small SEO Tool allows you provide a score of up to 50 domains at the same time. this saves you time as well as it may allow you to download your reports.

4. HOTH DA Checker

The HOTH focuses on SEO related tools to work. The system can check up to 25 URLs at one point in time. the system is fairly clean from Ads but may require email addresses which will later be bombarded with all promotional emails.

5. Website Authority Checker By SEO Tools

The Website authority checker is another one of the great checkers in the word of the internet. It allows a free of cost system that can also be used later to find Page Authority instead of just Domain Authority. The website authority checker also allows result export in CSV format. The tool is also beneficial in finding website and URL age.

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