10 Best Help Desk Software For Small Business


The help desk software is designed to help customers with their complaints, claims and other concerns. In the past, help desk provided customer service in the form of representatives who dealt with issues raised by consumers. At that time, customers often contacted companies by phone or email to inform them of their questions and concerns.

However, in today’s world, where competition is tougher than ever, the importance of customer support has become so important that it can make or break a business. That’s why many companies have adopted help desk solutions in their attempt to boost customer service.

Since the main goal of using the software in any business process is automation, the same goes for help desk solutions. These tools have at least three main components – Automation Suite, Ticket Management and Reporting and Optimization.

Automation Suite essentially allows help desk personnel to redirect questions and concerns to staff who can satisfy customer issues. This function also ensures that no ticket is left unanswered in the shortest possible time through automatically generated notifications. Let’s have a look on 10 best Help Desk Software Tools:

10 Best Help Desk Software Tools

best help desk software for small business

1# Zendesk

It is an exhaustive client emotionally supportive network that incorporates help work area instruments, ticket the board highlights, multi-channel correspondence choices, and call focus usefulness.

With this platform, you can easily consolidate your support processes, streamline your workflow, and improve agent collaboration.

It also comes with self-service options, such as a knowledge base building, so you can reduce the number of tickets in your queue while helping your customers.

2# FreshDesk

A cloud-based helpdesk solution, Freshdesk is help desk software designed for small and large businesses. The software is built around key features such as multi-channel capability, integrated gaming mechanics, multiple SLA policies, and self-service portals.

Standard highlights incorporate ticketing, a network stage, and a promptly available information base. Using Freshdesk, the customer support team can convert emails into tickets, which facilitates faster response times and more accurate services. The vendor also offers an excellent free trial plan that allows them to test all important software features first.

3# Salesforce Essentials

Primarily a CRM platform, Salesforce Essentials can also serve as a great help desk solution for growing companies.

It offers 360-degree client sees; powerful contact the executive’s choices, instinctive email improvement, just as far-reaching lining and programmed case task apparatuses.

As a result, companies can manage their customer support efforts in line with effortless customer relationship management, helping them build stronger ties with customers and leads.

4# Zoho Desk

It is an integrated help center tool that enables users to provide a unified customer service experience. This is equipped with a full set of help desk functionality designed for scalability, flexibility, and usability, making it a great choice for novice and professional users.

With this at your disposal, you can increase operational productivity, streamline your customer support workflow, as well as improve overall customer service.

5# Wix Answers

It is a complete help desk solution designed for small startups, large enterprises, and more. It offers a complete set of customer support features, ranging from help desk automation and ticketing to call center management and knowledge base building.

However, it is also known to have a simplified interface that makes it easy to navigate, even for novice users of the software.

6# Vision Helpdesk

Founded in 2007, Vision Helpdesk is an integrated help desk platform that can be deployed on-site or via the cloud.

It comprises of modules that incorporate a multi-channel help work area, a multi-brand help work area, and an ITIL/ITSM work area, making it a thorough answer for inward help and client support.

7# Freshservice

It is a cloud-based help desk platform designed to drive customer service for virtually any business. Key software features include a robust ticket system, a knowledge base, CMDB, and asset recovery. It can automate virtually any task associated with customer support.

8# SysAid

It is a software solution that leverages help desk and IT asset management tools in a convenient interface. Designed for large enterprises, this configurable platform is ideal for enterprises looking for multi-functional systems that can easily adapt to their operational requirements.

It also has mobile-ready capabilities that allow you to manage your help desk remotely via iOS or Android devices.

9# Live Agent

LiveAgent is a powerful help desk software suitable for virtually any business that exists. It’s another competitor on our list of top 10 help desk software tools.

The application prides itself on customer support technologies such as live chat, email and social media integration. What sets Live Agents apart from other solutions of its kind is that it is very easy to learn, which can be done in minutes.

10# Total Desk

A total help desk, Cloud-based Team Support opens up all channels of communication and collaboration between support staff.

It also increases customer service through streamlining interdepartmental relationships and managing resources and customers. The platform is ideal for use by small and large businesses due to its scalability.

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