10 Best Business Intelligence Tools 2023


SmallbizProducts suggest industry’s leading business intelligence tools and software to small, medium and large scale businesses. If you are a business owner and looking for right business intelligence software for your organization, explore the following list and choose the best one.

Small and large companies may have their share of differences, but they have one thing in common: the need to obtain concrete information to improve their activities.

Fortunately, business intelligence tools are now more accessible and flexible. They are easy enough to use for small businesses, scalable enough for growing businesses and powerful enough to manage large datasets for businesses.

Best Business Intelligence Tools and Software

business intelligence tools

1# Domo

This Domo solution, which means “thank you” in Japanese, is a SaaS management suite. It integrates with a variety of data sources to give users a complete data set to analyze.

It performs analysis at the micro and macro levels to give users a detailed overview of their business metrics.

2# Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a powerful business intelligence solution based on a Dundas Data Visualization browser. It offers users the ability to generate interactive dashboards, customize their visualizations, create reports and explore data.

This flexible Business Intelligence solution with responsive design allows users to integrate data from all kinds of sources in real-time.

3# Advice

BOARD is a complete data discovery platform, offering users BI, business analysis and enterprise performance management under the hood.

The interactive and customizable dashboards of this product allow users to view a high-level overview of their activity, as well as their key performance indicators to assess their performance objectives.

The platform offers unique and customizable dashboards, which allow the user to deepen his knowledge as closely as possible to the details while offering the user a complete view of all his activities.

4# Sisense

This platform is a software solution for discovery, analysis and business intelligence that offers a power solution based on integrated technology. This allows non-technical users to merge and analyze large datasets from various sources.

It is an agile and robust solution designed to provide advanced analytical capabilities to a range of technically trained users.

5# Looker

Looker is a web analytics solution that offers users the ability to explore, discover, visualize and share relevant information. Users can view and access data sources to better understand their activities and indicators.

Using a simple proprietary modeling language, this system allows users to define a data relationship while bypassing SQL. It was gained by Google in mid-2019 for $2.9 billion.

6# Exago

Exago BI is an integrated, flexible and web-based BI solution that requires no plug-ins or desktop downloads. The product is designed for web applications, especially SaaS applications operating in multi-tenant environments.

Exago’s features include pixel-per-pixel reports, express reports, cross-analysis reports, report formatting templates, related reports and explorations, customizable dashboards, dashboard designer, graphs, maps, administration via the web interface, OLAP and data.

7# Table

Table Business Intelligence tools are specialized in advanced data visualizations that explore and analyze data from various sources.

It interrogates relational databases, cloud databases, cubes, and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) spreadsheets to generate a range of visualization types. It can also extract, store and retrieve data from an in-memory engine.

Table users can create and share dashboards describing reports, models and data density for effective information dissemination. The table combines various sources of raw, relational and semi-structured data in real-time to obtain information to the minute.

8# Data-Powered Documents

Windward Studios offers an integrable report creation tool based on template design in Microsoft Office. The combination of Office and Windward tags simplifies and speeds up the reporting process by eliminating the work of manually coded report templates. It is designed to produce superb reports in a variety of formats, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, HTML, PPTX, etc.

After integrating the Windward.NET or Java engine, users can merge data with their models to generate reports and documents. This includes, but is not limited to, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, JSON, OData, etc.

9# Halo

Halo is a complete supply chain management (SCM) and business intelligence (BI) platform that supports business planning and forecasting inventory for SCM.

It is a unique self-service business intelligence tool that identifies benefits, risks, and opportunities while providing a collaborative driver throughout the distributed supply chain.

Halo can be deployed on-site, software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), allowing users to develop access and run custom applications in the cloud.

10# Rocket response

Answer Rocket supports some of the world’s leading brands with improved analysis. Users type or talk about business questions and get answers instantly.

The answers are provided in the form of interactive visualizations, accompanied by information generated by AI, which can be explored for further exploration.

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