10 Best Fleet Management Software


Is the GPS right for you and your fleet? The short answer is yes! Regardless of the size of your armada, you can set aside time and cash utilizing an armada the board framework. Let’s see some of the key tracking solutions!

Here are some of the best fleet management software / tools to meet your needs.

Best Feel Management Software For Businesses

best fleet management software

1# Fleet Tracking in the U.S.

Fleet Tracking in the U.S. is one of the best fleet management software. It was Founded in 2005, US Fleet Tracking is the “number one manufacturer and supplier of live vehicle tracking systems in the world.

U.S. armada following reports will inform you of different measurements and issues, including forceful driving, begins and stops, unnecessary lingering, speed, vehicle mileage, vehicle mileage by state, gadget passage movement and throttling action.

Furthermore, get as long as 90-day action playback before, which is valuable in lawful debates, task fulfillment check, and different circumstances.

2# GeoTab

GeoTab allows you to manage controller log reports and vehicle inspection information on a single platform. It is also easy to install, so you don’t need a technician to install it.

It is designed to track driver service hours so you can ensure that you comply with HOS regulations, reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Also, it will manage diagnostic trouble and engine failure codes, take automatic odometer readings (synchronized every day at midnight) and report fuel theft.

3# Onfleet

Onfleet oversees and examines nearby conveyances with basic programming. Truth be told, they allude to themselves as “a flavorful a minute ago conveyance administration.

For a 14-day free preliminary, Onfleet makes it simple to oversee last-mile conveyances, instinctive directing, constant following, shipping, investigation and then some. More.

Features include a simple, comprehensive dashboard, color-coded status, filters and search, accurate ETAs, real-time alerts, text messages delivered automatically to customers, key metric monitoring, a variety of integrated applications, route optimization, and international support.

4# Pro Fleet Maintenance

Reviewers say the software is easy to use and the company offers excellent support.  Features include:

  • Fleet inventory tracking of an unlimited number of vehicles
  • Preventive maintenance so you know when your vehicle should be repaired
  • Maintenance
  • History Tracking
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Parts Inventory
  • Service Orders (Shop edition only)
  • Flexible Reporting

With this fleet software, you can maximize uptime and efficiency easily and efficiently by improving the life of your assets.

5# Director Fleet Software at Teletrac

This software is intended for fleets of any size and Teletrac has existed since 1988, which skillfully “provides cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software”.

Features include:

  • Vehicle location mapping
  • Driver status
  • Geofencing
  • Traffic updates, and occasion redundancy
  • Moment vehicle and driver data
  • Top-level representation observing for every one of your vehicles, a route work that gives nitty-gritty guiding guidelines
  • Arranged versus genuine trek examinations for enhanced directing
  • Separation or goal steering
  • Vehicle checking

6# TomTom Telematics

TomTom’s fleet management system offers real-time vehicle tracking with instant alerts, fleet optimization, dynamic communication between your mobile workforce and offices, green and secure driving incentives and business software integration.

Configuring software as a TomTom service means you can access this information from any web browser, anywhere, without installation.

7# Wialon

Wialon prides itself on the lack of long-term contracts, flexible and powerful fleet management capabilities and high-quality technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Highlights incorporate the ongoing unit following, adaptable revealing, fuel utilization control, driver conduct checking, steering the executives, caution and warning framework, account the board using CMS, dashboard armada KPI examination and tachograph information preparing.

8# GPSTrackIt Fleet Manager

Highlights incorporate consistent inclusion and correspondence, portable arrangements, support cautions and reports, geofence break alarms, inconclusively put away information, vehicle diagnostics, open API and information siphon, driver report observing, vehicle upkeep updates, armada control, simple time recording, quality equipment, multi-map sees, mechanized reports, planning and dispatching.

9# GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution

The standard, designed for one- to 25-vehicle fleets, includes these features: email and text alerts, a set of reports, mapping with Google Street View, vehicle groups and milestones, landmarks, landmarks, hours of service, one-year historical data, routing, sending messages to and from drivers, a maintenance module, customer / partner-facing maps, custom map icons, free APIs, fuel card integration, engine diagnostics, a mobile application for iOS and Android and single-user logon.

10# RTA Fleet Management

The RTA was founded by Ron Turley, former UPS manager, in 1979. Features include:

  • Service order management
  • Parts inventory management
  • Tire management
  • Purchase orders
  • Engine tracking
  • Vehicle and equipment management
  • Custom interfaces
  • Bar codes


  • Hands Get a free demo before choosing from three pricing options
  • Light-duty ($1,680 / annuity)
  • Medical ($2,040 / annual fee) and Heavy ($2,400 / annual fee) as well as local and hosted options.

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