9 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2024


Employee monitoring software are internal applications that are developed to keep a check on the employees of the business.

This practice helps in increasing work productivity many folds and boosts the confidence level of employees. When employees realize they are being closely monitored and accessed, they try and work with utmost hard work and dedication to create a good impression in the eyes of their managers and bosses.

Similarly, the managers also take a sigh of relief and are comfortable with this system as the software is an excellent way of keeping an eye on the employees in an effective manner.

Features of Employee Monitoring Software

The software include a number of various functions that are very useful for any organization. Some of these are;

Employees Time Tracking

It helps in tracking down the time employees spend on different projects and tasks. It is important to work in an efficient manner allowing little or no time wastage.

Productivity Monitoring

It helps in measuring the productivity of the employees based on in-depth analysis and reports. It also gives a brief overview of the websites used by employees for data extraction.

Inefficient Employee Practices

It helps in identifying the unproductive and inefficient activities of the employees that prove to be a hindrance in company’s growth. This helps the company in diminishing those activities that become a source of inefficiency in the company.

Remote staff / Free riders

When working in groups, it is very important to understand which of the group members are working effectively and which ones are not. It generates contributions table along with time tracking keeping things updated.

Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2024

employee monitoring software

There are a number of amazing employee monitoring softwares that have recently been produced. All of these are reliable and technologically advanced. Here are the best employee monitoring softwares of 2024;

#1 Teramind

It is a representative checking device that offers a touch of everything. You’ll discover bunches of cutting edge usefulness and first class revealing capacities. It has a complete mechanization layer, including oddity identification.

#2 Time Doctor

Time Doctor joins project analysis features with employee monitoring abilities. It also has the capacity to make invoices inside the application and assess how employees work in specific projects.

#3 Veri Clock

Veri Clock is a strong time tracking software that offers a lot of features. It gives you granular command over how and when workers log time, and it’s estimated at an affordable price.

It has a user friendly interface and is very easy to use for amateurs as well. Further, it is a perfect device for startup companies to use and initiate employee monitoring.

#4 ActivTrak

ActivTrak sports a smooth, responsive managerial user interface. It offers simple specialist establishment and incredible, profitability centered reports and alarming, which is very useful for companies. It comprises of a strong core of checking devices and highlights created for information control and client protection.

#5 Inter Guard

Inter Guard starting at $8 per client every month for the Business Cloud rendition of its representative checking module, is a ground-breaking and incredibly adjustable instrument for directing your workforce.

Worked by Awareness Technologies, Inter Guard is a veteran item in the space. It offers a high level of detail in information gathering and announcing, client action observing crosswise over work area and versatile, and additional items for everything.

#6 Hubstaff

Hubstaff completes a strong activity giving the highlights you have to oversee and screen your representatives. While their testing uncovered a few shortcomings that was subject to great criticism recently, an ongoing programming update to the software has tackled those challenges once and for all. This has made this product back against the top softwares in the market.

#7 StaffCop

When one gets the StaffCop Enterprise set up, they experience one of the best softwares among the most dominant employee monitoring softwares accessible, storing a full scope of information, client following, and handling reporting. Notwithstanding its on-premises setup process, it would match Teramind as a stand out software.

#8 Veriato 360

Veriato 360 is an expert employee monitoring apparatus that offers extensive information gathering, incredible report management, computerized occurrence reaction, and amazing screen catch. It’s a simple to-utilize device for big business grade hierarchical oversight.

#9 DeskTime Pro

DeskTime Pro is a moderate, simple to-use mix of time and task tracking, in addition to efficiency centered application inspection. The usefulness and revealing is essentials contrasted with different instruments, yet it’s a strong apparatus with a lot of customization capacity.


Employee monitoring software are a very important and integral part of any organization as it helps the business in having a fair idea of the employees’ performance.

It is very significant and helps the managers in keeping an eye on the staff of the company and performance appraisal of the employees thereafter. Hence, managers should use employee monitoring softwares as useful assets for managing the company.

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